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What is a light duty job?

A light duty job is temporary work that is less vigorous or less physically taxing than the work the employee performed before a work-related injury or illness. The terms "light duty job" and "transitional job" are often used interchangeably.

Why Provide A Light Duty Job?

There are many advantages to providing a light duty job to your injured employee as part of a return to work program. These advantages include cost savings, situational control, and employee engagement. Providing light duty work reduces costs by minimizing or eliminating the impact of an employee’s injury or disability; including overall claim costs, lost productivity, or the potential permanent loss of the worker. A light duty job also keeps injured employees active within the workplace. Transitional work can even help your injured employees recover faster.

Return To Work Programs

Bring injured employees back to work with a light duty job
When employee is out of work due to illness or injury, it's in everyone's best interest to return them to work in some capacity as soon as they are able.
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Employers have specific responsibilities and considerations when providing transitional work or a light duty job to an injured employee.
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Employers in different industries can offer a variety of modified work and light duty jobs that meet physician approved restrictions.
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Light Duty Work For Every Business

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Need Light Duty?

Do you have an injured worker, but don't have light duty work for them? We recommend Safety Ambassador Program - an affordable ready-made light duty job for injured workers.


News about light duty jobs and return to work programs

Opioids and Workers’ Comp

Opioids can act as a double-edged sword. Injured workers who use opioids to gain relief from pain may gradually become physically dependent on these substances. As their tolerance to these drugs increases, they may discover that they need more and more of these medications to gain pain relief.

RTW Programs Aid Recovery

An effective Return to Work program helps to provide injured employees with a quick return to productive employment. Implementing a Return to Work program can greatly aid the recovery process of an employee while also saving money for the employer.

The Real Cost of Accidents

Any workplace injury may have a major impact on an employer's bottom line. For an employer, the cost of an on the job accident is more than just medical costs. The costs of workplace injuries and illnesses include both direct and indirect costs.

Importance of Safety Training

Many injuries can be avoided when employees understand how accidents occur and the steps that should be taken to reduce or eliminate risks and hazards. Employees who undergo preventative safety training recognize the importance of safety and can apply best practices.


Light duty jobs make the difference.
One of our drivers reaggravated a previous non-work-related knee injury while climbing down from a truck. Our company worked collaboratively with the worker and his doctor to support his recovery by providing a light duty job. The driver was taken off normal duties for 8 days, but was able to remain part of the business during this time.
Aaron Lindsey - Safety Manager

Aaron Lindsey - Safety Manager

Wyndham Seafoods

A warehouse manager in our regional distribution center started to experience lower back pain after a fall in the yard. A return to work program providing a light duty job was implemented within restrictions ordered by his physician. The employee attended physical therapy, made a good recovery, and returned to work safely.
Sheila Joffrey - HR Specialist

Sheila Joffrey - HR Specialist

Farraday Logistics

When injuries do occur at our hotel, we bring the injured employees back to work as soon as they are medically able. The hotel offers transitional, light-duty work, including temporarily reassigning the employee to other departments when necessary. This keeps the hotel's time loss history low, which helps control our Workers' Comp costs.
Rondon Jay - GM

Rondon Jay - GM

Jupiter Hotel